Day 7

So, Dave is on Day 7 of his Q1 Asia trip. He left on Sunday and flew to the Phillipines. He left Detroit at 4 PM Sunday and didn’t get to Manila until 11 AM our time Monday. He spent 2 days in the Phillipines and then flew to Taiwan. He’s in Taiwan now and flies to Tokyo on Saturday morning (that’d be Friday night for us). He will spend the weekend in Tokyo and on Monday takes the Bullet Train to north Japan for the day, then on the train back down to Tokyo on Tuesday. On Wednesday he flies to Seoul, Korea. Thursday he flies to Gwangju, Korea, then back to Seoul the same evening. On Friday he flies home from Seoul through Tokyo and Detroit. That puts him home back on Friday afternoon our time. It makes me exhausted just to think about it!

Anyway, I’ve been keeping the house cleaned and the cats happy while he’s gone. And eating my share of vegetables, too. 😉 I can’t wait to have him back, though.