Carolina Cruisers

When Amy and I were at the Skate Ranch on Sunday, I got a little info about the Carolina Cruisers. They’re a group that gets together to skate. They hang out socially and I think do some social/charitable work as well.

I met King, who is the organizer, and he seemed very nice. When he was explained the group to me, he mentioned that there was “no drama” in the group. Amy and I nodded and thought, “Good, that’s a good thing, we hate drama.” I gave him my email address so I could keep in touch.

However, I received a few emails from the group today and I was a little put off by the constant references to “no drama.” Here are some examples:

From Monica, one of the Smoov Divas:
“Hello all, I had a great time! Thanks King, can’t wait for the next outing. Drama-free, fabulous fun! Monica aka THE DiaMond DiVa!”

From King:
“We are drama free. We just like to have fun and and get our skate on. Anything you want to learn, we will make every attempt to teach you. You gotta come out to the first Thursday skate jam. This Thursday! You will have a good time.”

From Willis:
“Hello, I would like to say, “welcome to a drama free skate club-Carolina Cruiser Skaters Assoc.”, from Willis Silver aka Mr.Hospitality.”

Is this some nuvo lingo that I’m not familiar with? Should I be worried that they’re so worried about drama? What’s up with this?

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    I see a lot of references to that on online communities… it’s also usually a good sign that the group has had drama problems in the past.

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    A follow-up note.

    I sent this to King:
    Hey King,
    I am a little surprised by the amount of emphasis you place on “no
    drama” in the Cruisers. I feel like there’s some history I’m missing.

    Why is this so important to the group? Can you help me understand?


    And this is how he responded:
    It’s a good thing! There’s no history. We just like to use it. When we had our dinner last month, the cake had CCSA no Drama on it. We are a group of people who just want to have fun. Skating is our outlet. It’s our escape from everything. So, we don’t want anyone to bring drama in our outlet. You know how people can be sometimes. We just throw the no drama out there so people will know that we are serious about having our outlet as an outlet. I don’t know about you but, I don’t bring work, anything from home, etc.. when I’m getting my roll on. Skating is my place of refuge, a sanctuary. You’ll see. It’s so fun.

    So, I’m going to my first meeting on Sunday and we’ll see how it goes!