Making Birdies Happy!

We have updated and expanded our bird feeder system! We have totally bought into the Advanced Pole System from Wild Birds Unlimited. We now have four feeder poles, a birdbath and a Bluebird house.

There are two main feeder poles, set up right behind our family room windows. Our guests and our cats, as well as us, love being able to watch the birds all day long as they come and go. One pole has a Supreme Blend feeder, a Thistle feeder, a Peanut feeder and a branch for birds to rest on. The second pole has a Supreme Blend feeder, a cup feeder for mealworms, raisins and other treats, and another branch. We have one small feeder pole (near the birdhouse) that has a peanut feeder, and another larger feeder pole (near the deck) that is currently empty. We’ll put at least two hummingbird feeders there once it gets a little warmer.

We placed two suet block feeders in trees out in the back of the yard. The suet tends to attract Mockingbirds, which we love, but Mockingbirds are so very agressive that you don’t really want them on your feeders. So we put the suet in the back of the yard to attract them and yet keep them away from the feeders. In this close-up picture, you can see the red suet cage and a Mockingbird!
We installed a birdbath on the railing off the deck, near the feeders. Now we have to go out and dump the ice every morning. 🙂

Lastly, we installed our Cele-Birdies infrared camera into Dave’s new Bluebird House and put it up in the yard next to our bedroom window.

Here’s us testing out the camera in the house, before we installed it. If you look closely at the TV screen, you can see me taking the picture! We’ll post more pictures when we get some inhabitants – right now all you can see is empty wooden box. I’m always surprised at what a fun hobby this is! Our birds are definitely spoiled. 🙂

  1. <![CDATA[Ele]]>’s avatar

    Nice – I like your configuation! I am jealous of your bluebirds. I have not seen one at our house ever…

  2. <![CDATA[Sean]]>’s avatar

    Very cool!

    Do you have any inhabitants in the blue bird house yet?

    We need to put up a new blue bird house. A squirrel chewed the hole so large that the bbs won’t use it anymore.