Over the river and through the woods…

To Grandmother’s house we go! We left after work and arrived late last night, then had to go fetch some friends at the airport who Granma had promised she would pick up and take home.

Today we plan to hang out and catch up, and then maybe we’ll have a nice dinner out at her favorite restaurant, The Isle Of Capri. We go early and always get a window seat so we can watch the ocean.

We haven’t seen Granma since early last fall, though I can’t rememer exactly when it was we saw her. We missed her at both holidays because we went to Portland with my mom to visit my brother and his family for Thanksgiving, and then Granma went to Portland for Christmas. Like two ships passing in the night.

It was Dave who finally got us up here for the weekend. Yay Dave!! He’s so good to my family, it’s crazy. I’m starting to think Granma likes him more than she likes me. 😉

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    Those are some rockin’ socks in the last! Where can I get some? Heheh