Time Change

I don’t think I’ve ever been as badly affected by the time change as I have been this year. It seems especially difficult. Last night I went to Ele’s for wine and snacks around 7 PM. We talked and talked and Will laughed at us… “Storytime!” he said. When I was starting to get tired and thought it was time to go, I assumed it was probably around 9 PM. It was 10:30!!! :-0

My father hates daylight savings times. A lady I work with does, too. I think it’s funny that people have such vehement opinions about it, because I try not to waste mental energy on things I can’t change, and I don’t think I can make DST go away. And I typically love it – daylight at 9 PM during the peak of the summer is pretty cool. But this week sure has been hard.

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    Thanks for commenting on my M+Ms. Love that your blog is “all about me.” That made me giggle. And lovely layout too;)