I love getting my hair cut. Honestly, I don’t really care about the hair part, though she does a great job with it. But mostly I love the experience. The fancy salon, my fabulous girl Kim, the cool music, the wine, the conversation.

We only see each other every 10 weeks so there’s always some catching up to do, but words just spill out of me when I go to see Kim. Usually it starts off with funny anecdotes and amusing stories, then about halfway into my glass of wine, it turns to confession time. Last night I asked Kim if she minded, and she said “No, I love it!” Think about how weird that is, hearing some sort of confession 10 times a day. I wonder if there’s any books out there written by hairdressers who have catalogued all of the wacky stories they’ve heard? It does feel good letting them go, as mundane as my little secrets might be.

If you’re looking for a change of pace, try Lux Salon in Raleigh. Ask for Kim Twisdale.

This gave me a chuckle so I had to add:

[16:04] Ruth: Related to your blog post, I heard some people on the radio the other day talking about why people spill their guts to hairdressers. They theorized that because having someone touch your hair is such an intimate experience, it seems natural to open up to them.

[16:04] JeniQ: that’s interesting. and here I thought it was because of the wine. 😉

[16:04] Ruth: One person had divorced her husband because her friend overheard the hairdresser talking about the woman he was cheating with having told her about it.

[16:04] Ruth: most people’s haircuts don’t involve wine 🙂

[16:04] JeniQ: they TOTALLY should

[16:05] Ruth: how do you drink and hold your head still?

[16:05] JeniQ: i have to sneak my sips in when she’s distracted, like hunting for product or unkinking the cord on the hair dryer