Walking Initiative

Ok, so here’s how my 15 minute walking plan went last week.
Monday — Dave and I took a 15 minute walk after work, before dinner.
Tuesday — I met Dave at Sawmill for dinner. I arrived before he did, and I knew he would be later than me, so I took my 15 minute walk in a neighborhood next to the shopping center.
Wednesday — Yoga night so I knew I wouldn’t have time after work. I took a 15 minute powerwalk with a co-worker at 3 PM.
Thursday — Didn’t happen, but Dave got his 15 minutes in after dinner.
Friday — Didn’t happen.
Saturday — I spent nearly 8 hours with the worms. Between that and getting ready for our dinner guests, it didn’t happen.
Sunday — We took a 20 minute bike ride!

We’ll see how this week goes…