Healthy Dinners

I’ve been trying to get away from meat as the center focus of our meals, and one way to do that is to use fish instead. Not always the easiest ingredient to have on hand, I’ve been working on incorporating packaged tuna into dinners.

Here are two recent meals using packaged tuna. I think they were both pretty good.

Tuna mixed with a mixture of olive oil and sesame oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds and salt and pepper, served on a bed of lettuce on top of chopped chilled whole wheat fettucini. I added fresh avocado slices to make it extra tasty. I steamed some baby bok choy and broccoli and tossed it with olive oil and lemon juice. It was yummy!

This is tuna mixed with diced pear and apple, seasoned with a mix of sugar, cayenne and curry. To balance, I steamed/sauteed red potatoes and sliced squash and zuchinni with rosemary and topped with parmesan cheese. Fresh sliced tomatoes and a piece of toasted bread rounded this meal out.