OMG – Ed Beals commented on my blog!

Wow! Ed Beals commented on my blog. I haven’t been this excited since Simon Prebble didn’t comment on my blog!

Don’t know who Ed Beals is? You should!

I fell in love with Ed, or more accurately, with Plickey + Muto, about 6 years ago. I discovered the Plickey + Muto videos killing time when I worked at Microsoft. I laughed, I cried; I was definitely in love. Muto is just so sweet. He’s loyal and sensitive. When he sighs, I just about lose it – I want to reach out and pet him, offer him comfort. Not bad for a pair of antique surgical scissors.

My friend Adam got me the boxer shorts off CafePress and I made a CD with the SWF files I downloaded off the web. I made one copy for me and one for my friend Adam. Ed, I hope you don’t mind! I just needed to be able to watch the videos whenever I wanted. [Speaking of, the links from your page don’t actually seem to link to the vids, or I’m doing something wrong.]
And here’s our own Plickey and Muto. They’ve been in the family for about as long. That’s Plickey on the left.

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    Cool, but what is Plicky doing to Muto?

    heh heh