Saturday Project: Azaleas and Bird Bed

Dave’s Dad arrived on Saturday afternoon, and we put him right to work when he got here!

We had a rather big project but it went fairly smoothly. We started around 4 and finished up around 6:30 PM.

We have a fairly extensive bird feeder system out back of our house, and the azalea bushes below the feeders were getting covered in bird poop. We also had some of the bird seed spouting in the mulch under the bushes which we always had to pull out by hand. It was annoying and didn’t look very good, so we decided to relocate the azalea bushes to a different part of the bed.

Here’s what they look like in their new location:

We had to take several breaks during the transplanting process so that the bluebird mommy and daddy could come back to the bluebird house and feed the babies.

After we moved the azalea bushes, we filled in the holes where they were and covered the area with gravel. We’re hoping the multicolored gravel will hide the bird poop better and prevent the seeds from being able to germinate. Later this week, we’re going to get more mulch and pretty it up a bit so it doesn’t look so severe.

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    good work!!