We’re falling through space, you and me.

I’ve just started watching Season 3 of Doctor Who. In the first two episodes we’re introduced to Donna, who is largely annoying and so not deserving of The Doctor’s company. Why did he even ask her? Was he that lonely? Then in episode two we meet Martha, the new Companion. I guess she’ll do, though we know, and The Doctor tells her as such, that she’s no replacement for Rose.

It made me think of this fabulous review I read of Doomsday, the final episode of Season 2. It’s posted on Television Without Pity and it’s written by someone fabulolus named Jacob.

Here’s the letter I sent to Jacob:

I read several of your recap pages from this episode, Doomsday. Reading your post, I found myself crying, sobbing! It was so true. You said: “I don’t care to do the math and I don’t know how to say this without coming across just ridiculous, and I am slightly drunk, but I mean: Rose Tyler. On every single page. I know this girl, and she’s gone, forever, and tonight I really miss her. I wish today were just like every other day. My Rose. You were fantastic.”

I, perhaps, have also had too much wine, but I agree with this wholeheartedly. It’s so funny to me that I feel like I’ve lost the doctor. Duh. He’s not gone. But I guess I’m feeling how Rose feels. That’s how I’m feeling after watching Doomsday.

Jacob was kind enough to respond and act flattered!
  1. Sean’s avatar

    What’s your name?

    I’m the Dr!

    Dr Who?

    No, Just the Dr.


  2. Sarah’s avatar

    I cry *every* time I watch “Doomsday”. I know it’s coming; I know she’ll be trapped on the other side of the wall…but I bawl all the same.

    The first time I saw the Doctor was during my year in Japan and I was absolutely mesmerized. In fact, the series’ philosophy really helped me to deal with a bunch of difficult situations that came later. It’s the most marvelous show, isn’t it? ^^