Name: BONE

We had dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill recently. The service was really nice, and the food was pretty tasty. I liked their menu selection. I had the fillet and Dave had the burger.

Dave has this bad habit of always getting something unpleasantly crunchy in his food when he least expects it, and this night was no exception. Rather than just being annoyed and declaring we’d never go back, he brought this bit of gristle to the attention of the waiter.

We were surprised when the kitchen manager came out and explained its existence to us. She told us that it’s rare, but it does happen, that a small piece of bone gets ground up with the meat. She apologized and inquired into Dave’s dental health. All in all, I thought they did a good job of responding to our complaint. They also comped Dave’s dinner. Bone

  1. Sean’s avatar

    Someone in our family recently had a piece of rubber in their meal. I can’t recall who it was ;(

  2. Brandy’s avatar

    A Mush burger sounds horrible. 😉

    But, Tom always has this thing where nobody cooks his burger right or they don’t put the things he likes on it