I went, and now I’m back! Pictures to come when I can get around to it.


  1. Sean’s avatar

    Hey! Welcome back.

    Was the image above in the back of the seat in front of you on the plane?
    Did it show your location along the way? If so that’s too cool.

    Can’t wait to see your pics.


  2. Miriam’s avatar

    I love how the travel screen indicates where Casablanca is. Just in case you were wondering, right?

  3. Cristin’s avatar

    Me too! Welcome back!

  4. Stew’s avatar

    Welcome home, Ms. Q.

  5. Sean’s avatar

    Ahem! no pics yet? We’re very dissappointed 😉 chop chop!

  6. admin’s avatar

    Yes, it was the video screen attached to my seat. If you didn’t want to watch the TV/Movie offerings, you could watch the flight’s progress. Pretty entertaining for a geeky girl like me. 🙂