Geeks are Sexy (and Profitable!)

The tech blog Geeks Are Sexy is hosting a very cool, geeky “How to” contest.

In short, they want your original (and geeky) how-to article and in return you’ll be eligible for some very cool prizes, including this adorable Mimobot USB Flash Drive.

 Hurry, this contest ends in a few weeks so get your entries in. You even get a chance to win just for posting about the contest on your own blog. Go check out the contest!

  1. Kiltak’s avatar

    Don’t forget that people post their “how to” on their own site… so we’re not really expropriating bloggers out of their content. 🙂

    Thanks for linking!


  2. Cristin’s avatar

    Oh my! Psy and the Star Wars ones are oh-so cuuuuute!