Look what we found in the garage this weekend!


We knew something had gotten into the birdseed a while back, but never found one of the little guys until this past weekend. Dave found him in a pot of dirt as we were cleaning up the garage.

We released him into the woods on the other side of the street. I had some indecision about this because the mouse was obviously quite young – it never opened its eyes. I hope that it managed to get along without momma or poppa mouse, but it more than likely ended up as a snack for some woodland creature. The cycle of life.

Unfortunately, we know there’s still a momma or poppa mouse in the garage. I saw it scurrying Sunday night. I debated letting the cats into the garage to find and kill the mouse(s). For some reason, that seemed more humane than setting out a trap. Then I decided I didn’t want the cats to catch any funk, what with me being preggo and all.

So, now I’m left with figuring out how to rid the garage of the mouse(s) that still lives there. Any “humane” solutions? I’d gladly release him into the woods on the other side of the street, if I could just get ahold of him.

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    Poor mousers and poor yous! What about one of those traps that just cages it until you empty it? Put a need-to-borrow ad on Craigs list?

  2. Shannon’s avatar

    I agree with Cristin. Get one of those little trap/cages and then you can release the mice into the woods.

  3. Ele’s avatar

    Jeni! Same thing happened to us! Here was Will’s (brilliant) solution: