Kitchen Habits

Some time ago I realized that every woman (and man?) has a habit in the kitchen that’s a little quirky, typically based on a need or desire for frugality. Here are the ones in my family.

My great-grandmother used to wash out her paper towels, dry them, and re-use them. Granted, great-granma was around during the depression so she had no clue just how wasteful people could be. I imagine she’d be horrified by the amount of stuff the average person throws away. (If you ever feel similarly horrified, check out Freecycle.)

My grandmother used to wash out her ziploc bags and reuse them. Those things were expensive when they first came out, I think. Yay for granma for seeing the senselessness in throwing them away after just one use.

My mom would cut napkins in half.¬†They are folded twice and she’d cut along the second fold to make two two-ply napkins rather than one four-ply napkin. If you’re not that messy, you don’t notice the difference and it doubles the life of a package of napkins.

I re-use my ziploc and fold-over sandwich baggies for the same items for several days in a row. If i take brownies to work in a baggie today, I’ll bring it home with me and refill it for the next day.

What about you? What little odd thrifty habit have you adopted in the kitchen? Enquiring minds want to know!

  1. Monica’s avatar

    Actually, whenever Scott and I are having a quick meal I sometimes get a paper towel and cut it in half for us to use as napkins.

  2. Sean’s avatar

    I’ll reuse zip locks for chips over several days as well as zips for pickles and olives. Somtimes I use a small tupperware container for the veggies.

    I consider myself frugal and I’ll even dirty a real plate and wash it over using a paper plate or paper towel as a plate.

    Wate not want not!

  3. Stew’s avatar

    I compost all of my veggie peelings (as you know). I’ve been collecting wash water for my garden, which you also know. I don’t wash glasses after I’ve used them unless it’s milk. I use kitchen towels as napkins as frequently as not. I don’t think I even have paper napkins in the house. I’m really bad, though, about paper towels. I don’t wash bags, but I often use containers that you get, say, premade hummus in for several washings.

    I could do a lot more. My grandma is the best at reusing things. Me? Not as good.

  4. Cristin’s avatar

    I reuse glasses. This reusing zip-locks is a good idea. I shall try it. I do take tupperware though.