Members of the “David Bowie’s spandex in Labyrinth shaped my childhood” Facebook group know what it’s all about. As do Cristin’s boobs! 🙂

Labyrinth Boobs

Fun Jenny came over to Cristin’s tonight to watch Labryinth for the first time ever! It was fun to watch with Cristin, who has watched this movie more times than she can count. Cristin made yummy dip which we devoured, and had some fabulous cookies that were reminiscent of cupcakes.

Cristin and I geeked out and loved every minute of it. Jenny liked it, too, but I think that she was also having a good time chuckling at us.
Labyrinth Evidence

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    SO glad you guys came over. It was great fun:)

  2. Stew’s avatar

    Between your entry and Cristin’s I don’t even have to say a thing! I LOVE Ludo, and I did like the movie overall, but it was not sin a “this is an awesome movie way” but more like a “HAHAHAHAHAH Look at Tina Turner! Oh WAIT! That’s David…..Bowie?????” way.

    🙂 And yah, fun to see how y’all responded to it.