Caught You!

I used Will’s great idea for a humane mousetrap after finding a mouse in our garage recently. They love the bird seed so I put an inch of birdseed at the bottom of a straight-sided bucket and left it out for them, buffet style.

It worked!


This little guy was quite active and very close to jumping over the sides, but couldn’t quite make it. I took the bucket up the street and let him go in a natural area away from the houses. I am so happy with this solution!

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    Aww yay! Way to go Will and Jeni! So nicely done:)… Him cute:)

  2. will’s avatar

    sweet! I hate killing the cute little buggers. I quit checking my bucket a couple weeks ago and went to fill the bird feeder, I dumped a scoop full of food into the feeder and there was a little mouse staring back at me from inside the feeder where I’d just dumped him! Very funny, he was unharmed and dropped off at the church up the road.