Last night I stopped at AutoZone to get a replacement headlamp. The Silver Stars I use burn out awfully quickly, but I love the way they look and their brightness. Though now I’m having second thoughts

Anyway, I borrowed some tools from the AutoZone folks because it requires a decent pair of pliers to get the electrical connector off the old bulb before you can switch it out. I have never had such a difficult time prying the socket off the bulb before. And the pliers they gave me were crap so that made the job even more difficult.

Look what I did to the bulb before finally working it free. I am so very lucky I didn’t cause any damage to the shroud or the electrical connector.

When I left, however, I was pleased to see this before I drove away.

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    I think that I cropped too much. I’ll repost with a better picture.

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    See? It’s the light from *two* headlights! Yay!

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    On the Truck forum that I frequent, I’ve read where peope aren’t happy with the short life of the silverstars as well. Some have switched to Stealth bulbs.

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    Booo… you’re comments section doesn’t like URL links…