Project 1: Kitchen Redo

There are two parts to our mini kitchen makeover. One is to tile the backsplash, and the other is to paint the walls. I’m contracting someone to do the tile work but we’re going to paint the walls ourselves. We’re only painting two of the walls. It’s a fairly small project so that’s why I’m calling it a mini-makeover.

Here are the kitchen walls at the beginning of the project.
Kitchen Project - Before Left

 Kitchen Project - Before Right

 And here are the color tests I painted last night. One is called Soul Chocolate and the other is Gardener’s Soil – I got them both in Satin finish. Because we haven’t seen the sun for the last three days, it’s impossible to photograph this with any natural light. I’ve had to rely on the light in the kitchen, and even with all the lights turned on, the flash is still going off. So the colors you see aren’t very true.
Kitchen Project: Paint Swatch Left

Kitchen Project: Paint Swatch Right

  1. Sean’s avatar

    Personally, I think the colors are a bit dark and will make the room look smaller. Tile isn’t hard but if you can afford someone else to do it, More power to ya 🙂

    BTW… I think you need a few more magnets/stuff on your fridge. I can see some bare spots 😉

  2. Monica’s avatar

    Gardener’s Soil sounds very earthy. I like it, especially for a kitchen space. You could have some containers of herbs growing on the counters, to add a splash of green!

  3. Monica’s avatar

    BTW, that’s not to say that I don’t like the sound of Soul Chocolate, too. I picture lots of baking going on for Dave’s Sweet Tooth!

  4. admin’s avatar

    Heh, the herbs would surely satisfy our cats’ need for grass – I don’t think that’s an option! The Gardner’s Soil makes me think of you, Mon. 🙂

    P.S. I have a thing for magnets. Can you tell? And one of the reasons the fridge is so covered in stuff is because when I was young, my dad always adored a clean, uncluttered fridge space. I just had to rebel. It’s full of pictures of family, friends, babies, cats, and postcards. I love it!

  5. Cristin’s avatar

    I love brown but I really dig the red in your space. I think it will pick up your rugs, decorative dishes and countertop items better. Either way though, both are lovely colors!

    I think your bright-white cabinets, doorways and the opening I see above the counter across from the fridge will make your space still seem large. Because it is large. And beautiful. How I desire nice, new cabinetry;)

    Magnets et al on the fridge is a MUST! Love it!