Three Blind(?) Mice

Three more overnight. Ally, I’ll have to not set the trap out again until this weekend or we might just get rid of them all before you get here! I can hope, anyway.

Three mice

I took them to the same place to release them.

Second release

  1. Stew’s avatar

    I take it these were not the painted ones, coming from 12 miles away?

  2. admin’s avatar

    Don’t think so. Too lazy this morning to daub paint on all three of them. Plus, it might not make their life in the woods any easier with a little bullseye on their backs. 🙂

  3. admin’s avatar

    Ally, you’re not going to be able to bring them inside and snuggle with them. I just don’t think Dave’ll go for that.

  4. Sean’s avatar

    Dang… you’ve got a whole meece familiy thing going on there!

  5. Cristin’s avatar

    Hmm. Were you aware of mice before you found that one with his eyes shut? I’m starting to wonder if the birdseed is actually just attracting them now. However, they are wayyyy cute!

  6. admin’s avatar

    No, we knew we had mice prior to that. They got into a bag of seed that was in the garage.
    Word may be out, however, that we have an all-you-can-eat buffet!