Painting the Nursery

Our crew chief:
Ali Arty

With much patience on the part of Amy and Ali, we figured out an approach to decorating the nursery. Dave and I had already picked out the Magic Garden crib set from Litto Kids, so all the colors the girls and I choose are designed around it.

For the walls we went with a pale yellow with brown undertones that is kin to the yellow in the print. It looked like cake batter and we all had to remind ourselves it wasn’t so that we wouldn’t lick our fingers.

Cake Batter

I was so thankful they were here to help, and we got the first coat on the walls Saturday night!

Dave Paints

Amy Paints

Introducing the baby to the paint.
Baby meets paint

  1. Monica’s avatar

    Look at your baby belly!!!! So cute!

  2. Monica’s avatar

    Also, I love the Magic Garden crib set. It’s beautiful!

  3. Cristin’s avatar

    Lookin’ good mama! Love the color! (Just fix the missing N in your post title.)

  4. ally’s avatar

    Oh! I don’t even need to wear “the shirt” in this picture. I think the doooooo rag gives it away. 😉