Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Yay!! Thanks to Kerri for accompanying me to the annual V for Vendetta showing at the Colony.

Now Showing: V for Vendetta

V Sign with Mask

And then I saw this. Imagine my delight!

So of course, I got a picture!
Jeni With V

There were three people in full costume and a few people just in masks. How come I didn’t know this was an annual event?!?!? Hello! Next year, same place, same time!

After the show, there was a short presentation by a few political activists: Ron Paul supporters, “9/11 is an inside job” folks, and some people who want to impeach the president. It was a cute tie-in to the movie, though I’m sure “cute” was not what they were going for.

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    You look so cute with V:)

  2. Stew’s avatar

    I can see belly happiness.