Our Crib!

Granma has graciously offered to get our crib for us, and we all went out on Black Friday to shop around. We thought we had found the one we wanted, but on a return visit this weekend, we found one we liked better.

And on Saturday we placed the order for our crib! Not sure when it will be here, they quoted 8-12 weeks to arrive. It’s by Baby’s Dream and it’s the stationary Infinity crib. We got it in the Chestnut color, shown below.

BD Infinity

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    It’s grrrrrrrrrrreat!

  2. Sean’s avatar

    Looks good! You should submit that picture to a magazine. It shows the natural color of the crib so well!

    Did you know we have to scroll like a mile to get to the comments box? It has to be something with the categories on the left.

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    I knew there was a reason I had the categories on the bottom of the page. I’ll move them back. I’ve been working on consolidating them, but still not done.

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    P.S. Picture is from the Baby’s Dream website. 🙂