Christmas Party

This season was pretty light on Christmas parties. There was one work party that we missed because I was too pooped to make it. And then last night, there was Ele’s Annual Chili and Beer party. I was impressed they decided to have the party, seeing as how their newborn son is only about 5 weeks old.
But they did it, and I think they had a really nice time. It was a smaller party than last year’s, but I liked it because it was more intimate and a little less hectic. Finn settled down once the party got started and spent most of his time being held by his adoring fans. I snapped a picture but didn’t want to use the flash, so it’s fuzzy. But it doesn’t matter because he’s so friggin’ cute!


  1. Ele’s avatar

    Aww – thanks! So glad you guys came!

  2. Cristin’s avatar

    Yay Finn: The Party-Guy!