Some things I did this weekend

  • Hung curtains in the nursery
  • Installed curtain tie-backs
  • Hung more art in the nursery
  • Used Goof-off to remove adhesive from window seat/shelves in nursery
  • Washed crib linens
  • Washed my own laundry
  • Washed our duvet cover
  • Washed and changed our sheets
  • Rewired lamp for guest bedroom
  • Painted, cleaned and rewired Mickey lamp for nursery
  • Spackled nail holes in interior walls
  • Touched-up interior wall paint of first floor
  • Started steam-cleaning the couch
  • Finished touch-up painting for shelves in nursery
  • Washed all the stuffed animals I sleep with
  • Watched the Giants win the Super Bowl – Yay Tyra!!
  1. ally’s avatar

    the baby wishes you would not: use goof off, stand on ladders, inhale paint fumes, rewire things electrical, and sit too close to the television… 😉 hehehehehehe *I think I’m SO funny!*

  2. Cristin’s avatar

    You sweep wif stuft aminals? How kewt. Way to go with your kick-butt weekend!

  3. admin’s avatar

    Ally, you *are* that funny. And I’m sure Dave agrees with you.

    Cristin – you gotsta problem with that? 🙂