My Pregnancy Advice Post

Pregnant? Here’s my advice for you, in no particular order.

I was lazy. I coasted by on my current level of fitness, but now I’m seeing that 9 months of sedation isn’t the best way to get you excited about geting back into shape after gaining a good 30 pounds or more. I’m sure I’ll regret not having been more active. Get a basic prenatal exercise plan.

Buy a few pairs of Noppies trousers. These are the most comfortable pants! Admittedly, they’re a little high-maintenance (I use the hand-wash cycle and they need to be ironed after drip-drying), but they make me feel like a million bucks. Once you start fitting out of your regular clothes, you’ll pay more to feel good in your maternity clothes. Money spent on nice maternity wear is actually money spent well.

Cotton underwear, and you’ll want them in a larger size than you normally wear, I think.

Avoid the following while you are pregnant

Buying new shoes
With your feet swelling and your bones spreading, now is not the time to get a whole new shoe collection. Granted, you may discover you have no choice after the baby comes if your feet don’t go back to the size they once were. But until you know, don’t invest too much in preggo footwear.

Getting your vision checked/ordering new glasses
Did you know your vision changes during pregnancy? I can definitely tell that. I need to have an annual exam but I’m waiting till after I deliver.

Buying new rings
Again, what with all the swelling, now is not the time to get a ring sized. I’ve given up on everything but my wedding band, which I’m sure I couldn’t get off if I tried.