I am so excited! Monica is coming to visit for a few days! I am hopeful that we can get some projects done while she’s here. Ok that’s not the most exciting thing to do with visitors, but the way I see it, she doesn’t have to go to work like Dave does. The projects I had in mind were cleaning out my closet and reorganizing my clothes as well as a few other “clean out” type of projects. (I am having a rather unpleasant dilemma with my clothes right now as I can’t fit into pre pregnancy pants as my thighs are too big and I can’t fit into pre pregnancy tops because my boobs are too big.) I’m sure we’ll manage to fit in some drinking and eating and other fun activities as well. I am super excited!

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    Yay for visits! And yay for Monica!

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    Jeni–Seriously–be careful what you throw out b/c it doesn’t fit right now. I love going through closets, so I’ll be in heaven, but don’t think your body will be this way for too long….