Tricky Tricky!

We have a few squirrels that have gotten into our bird feeders.

Even though we have squirrel baffles on our poles, they’ve figured out a way to thwart us. First, they started jumping down from the gutter onto the poles, and then they learned how to jump from the porch railing onto the window screen onto the poles. *Sigh*

They’ve emptied our one “house-shaped” feeder so we keep it empty or filled with safflower, which fewer birds like.

Then they started feasting on peanuts from the peanut feeder.

squirrel 1

And most recently, they’ve figured out how to circumvent our fancy squirrel-proof feeder. See?
squirrel 2
Luckily, this problem is easily remedied.

  1. Sean’s avatar

    Nature will FIND a way 🙂