Most people won’t realize how funny this is, but damn, it’s funny.
Last September Bizarro went on a crazy romp through Austin.

Here are some photos and an interview conducted by Kevin Flood.

Getting set up for the interview.
Getting interviewed

The interview itself.

Here’s the guy who took Bizarro on his adventure
Bizarro’s Escort

Some crazy mad scientist who made a pickle explode during his speech. He was awesome and he clearly loves Bizarro.
Mad scientist

Bizarro hamming it up.
Bizarro in Sombrero

Taking a break.
Smoke break

Taking another break.

He didn’t work very hard.

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    I looooooooooove doing funneh stuff like this at work. Heck, anywhere! Bizarro is the bestest!

  2. Ally’s avatar

    how bizarre…lalalalala…how bizarre…