Geek Baby, Two Month Update

Last week Henry had his two month checkup. He did great and is growing well. He also had his first round of immunization shots. That was no fun but he got over it, eventually.

He weighed 11.8 pounds (33rd percentile), is 22 inches long (14th percentile) and his head is 15.5 inches around (32nd percentile).

He hit all his milestones, such as following us with his eyes, recognizing our voices and smiling at us.

We’ve decided he doesn’t have reflux so he’s off his reflux medicine.

He has a sacral pit, which is nothing to worry about because it doesn’t go anywhere, but it makes me want to dose up on folic acid if/when we try for baby number two.

And we re-confirmed that his umbilical hernia is nothing to worry about. The doctor says it’s a cosmetic problem only, and that no doctor would operate on it until he was at least three years old. Although the swelling itself is quite large, the actual hole that is the hernia is quite small, the diameter of a dime, no more. So she’s assured us that it will go away, on its own, in its own time.

I think that was it. We go back again in two months. He’ll be 10 weeks old tomorrow!

Geek baby

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    *pinch* *pinch* He’s sooooo cute and wondermous:) Two months sounds like a lot but 10 weeks doesn’t. For whatever reason. I can’t wait to see you guys again and would have come over today if I wasn’t so incredibly sick.

  2. Monica’s avatar

    OK, I know it’s weird, but I feel honored to have been there at the moment you discovered his sacral pit. Love you guys!