Blast from the Past

Two pretty girls

Blast from the Past

  1. Stew’s avatar

    VERY pretty!

  2. Rob Case’s avatar

    That takes me back! I was at Berry most of the weekend and I didn’t see a sight as pretty as this photo…

  3. Sean’s avatar

    Nice… check out the hollywood sparkle coming off of that earring.

  4. Ally’s avatar

    LOL! That makes me SO freaking happy!!!!

  5. Cristin’s avatar

    This is soooooo stellar! I love it!

  6. Ele’s avatar

    That earring sparkle is great! Wow – look at your hair! What year is this?

  7. admin’s avatar

    April 9th, 1994!

  8. admin’s avatar

    Oh Robbie, I <3 you!