Monday Morning

Today is the day I go back to work. We’ve been up since before 6 (not counting the three times I got up to feed during the night). I have gotten myself all ready for work, packed lunches for Dave and I, and taken care of Henry. I’m ready to have a stellar day!

  1. Stew’s avatar

    YAY! Have a great day at the new job. I’m sure Henry will be a gem of a boy while you’re at work, and I predict there will be just the right amount of yearning for you both.

  2. Ally’s avatar

    Have a loverly day! I’m so glad I got to visit! LOVE YOU!

  3. Cristin’s avatar

    WOW! You go lady! Best of luck on your first day back.

  4. Sean’s avatar

    Hope your first day back ended without issue 🙂