My day

Here’s what our days are like. Dave and I split the work getting Henry’s stuff ready and cleaned, as well as dinner and clean up duties, but the volume of chores to be done make it challenging to get anything else done.

5:30 am – get up, shower, get mostly ready for work
6:00 am – wake up and feed Henry, change his diaper and clothes, gather extra outfits to take to school
7:00 am – eat breakfast, make Junior’s bottles for school, pack his bag, pack our lunches, pack up my pump parts and paraphernalia, finish getting myself ready for work
Optional tasks: straighten up for the cleaners, gather trash on trash days, get dinner ingredients ready
7:45 am – toss H-bomb into the car along with his bag, my lunch, and my pump
8:00 am – drop little man off at school after chatting with teachers
8:30 am – arrive at work
5:10 pm – leave work between 5 and 5:15
5:40 pm – feed Gomer while Dave starts dinner
6:30 pm – eat dinner
7:10 pm – start Hank’s bath
7:30 pm – out of bath, lotioned and powdered, into jam-jams
7:45 pm – top-off feeding for Henrisaurus Rex
8:00 pm – into bed, nighty-night
8:05 pm – wash bottles, wash pump parts, wash dinner dishes, get milk from freezer for next day’s bottles, make some items for next day’s lunch, scoop litter (almost always done by Dave)
Optional tasks: straighten up for the cleaners, gather trash on trash days, get dinner ingredients ready, do laundry, fill up bird feeders, blog, etc.
9:00 pm – tv, book or computer time
10:00 pm – bed time

I am also pumping at work. I’m not just sitting around, mind you, I work while I pump, but scheduling a pump session three times a day, 20 minutes an episode, means that I need to be extra careful about getting my work done. I eat lunch at my desk every day to minimize the downtime. I have no time to myself during the days to run errands.

Which means that getting to Target to pick up a prescription can be a monumental task. Luckily, with two of us taking care of the little guy, it’s easier to get stuff like that done. Hooray for my sweetie being the best dad and partner around!

  1. Sean’s avatar

    You’ve made me tired just reading that! Kudos to you!

  2. Cristin’s avatar

    I love all the nicknames. H-bomb and Henrisaurus Rex are my favs, heehee. If you guys need me to sit again just say the word ANYtime. Miller Lite and I love watching babies:)

  3. Stephanie’s avatar

    Yep, that sounds about right.

    This first year is exhausting, but it goes so fast. I remember keeping a post-it note on the garage door so I wouldn’t forget anything.

    Good for you to keep committed to nursing. It’s hard, especially working (try pumping in your car, on planes, etc…. ) but before you know it Mr. Hankie will be a lot more self sufficient and you’ll miss your little baby.