New Freezer!

Dave is so awesome. He got me a chest freezer, which I’ve been pining over for nearly two years. It’s a 7.2 cubic foot chest freezer and it is living happily in our garage.

Here is it is in place.

It can hold at least one body, if not two

This morning we hit the Farmer’s Market where we loaded up on organic beef, chicken and sausage. We also got some tomatoes and peaches, both of which make for good freezing.
Meat party!

We still have a ways to go before we reach capacity.
A chestful of meat

  1. Sean’s avatar

    Very nice. We’d like to have a freezer of some type when we have room.

  2. Cristin’s avatar

    My parents got a vertical freezer when I was in high school and it is SO handy! Congrats!