Suggestion for all you Blogger users out there

If you have a Blogger account with which to blog, I have a suggestion for you to help those of us who like to comment on your blog. Please stop showing profile images on comments. When you show profile images on comments, IE throws a security warning every time you attempt to load that page. It’s annoying.

I don’t really care…

If you want to fix it, log into your Blogger Dashboard, go to the Settings tab and choose the Comments menu.

Set this option:
Show profile images on comments? to No

And while you’re at it, can you disable Word Verification?

  1. Maggie’s avatar

    Thanks! I hate that little box.

  2. Monica’s avatar

    I really hope you aren’t referring to nearly completely computer-illiterate folks like me because I don’t think I could turn that stuff off if you paid me! I’m pathetic:)