Cristin Time

Recently had a slumber party with Cristin. Sorry I’m just getting around to documenting. We had a really nice time – she let me finish the Twilight book I was reading while she cooked. 🙂 What a lovely hostess!

She made a lovely dinner, some rum pineapple chicken dish with rice that was delish. Check out her cheffy self. I brought that pickled cauliflower which I think was pretty tasty, too.

And then I helped bleach her hair so we could apply more pink dye.
bleached blonde!

pretty pink!!

I also got two very small chunks of lighter blonde in my (already blonde) hair. I couldn’t help myself – there was unused bleach and I had all this hair!

The next morning Cristin made me french toast and we had a lovely bottle of champagne, which we drank out of regular juice glasses. On the way home that morning, I stopped by a little thrift shop and picked up some cute champagne glasses for her.

I got to deliver those glasses when we met again recently at Mez after work to enjoy the cheap taco bar. I’m sure I took some pictures but I can’t find them anywhere. 🙁 Check out Cristin’s pics instead.

  1. Sean’s avatar

    Sounds like you had a good time 🙂 THanks for sharing.

    HiC: Is it dressup time at work and you’re going to rock the Cyndi Lauper deal again? 🙂

  2. Cristin’s avatar

    Cyndi must be the idol I never recognize as such. Girls just wanna have fun!