Austin 2008, Part Two

We spent the second part of our Austin trip with Grant, Michelle, Larry and Hiroe. It was super awesome. Here are my favorite pictures (more after the fold).

Come on in, the water’s great!
Pool time!

Yummy beer tastes even better in my own glass

Grant made breakfast

Enjoying the hot tub waterfall

A well-stocked fridge
The Beer Fridge

2008 Team Beer glasses, including one for Henry!
Dave, Jeni and Henry

Henry loves animals
Come here, you!

Gallagher poses for the camera
postcard perfect picture

Everybody but Larry
Midday snack

Grant and Henry

Michelle and Henry

Hiroe spends a quiet moment with Gallagher
Hiroe and Gallagher

Hiroe loves on Henry
two eyes

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    My reaction to this post: HOLY SHIT THAT HOUSE HAS EHHHHHVERYTHING!!! And Gallagher is a GOOD doggie:)

  2. admin’s avatar

    I know. I love visiting them. You should see the coffee machine. It’s like the Maserati of coffee makers.