Eight Months Old!

Henry turned 8 months old a week ago. He’s 21 pounds according to the bathroom scale. According to our in-home calculations, his body is 28 inches long and his noggin is 18 inches around. (We have another doctor’s visit in December for his nine month check-up.)

He’s got two fully sprouted teeth on his bottom jaw, and he’s cutting three more on the top right now. You should be able to see them in this close-up.
Teeth erupting up top

He’s sitting up like a champ, and has been learning how to go from laying down to sitting up all on his own. He’s desperately trying to learn how to crawl. I think it will happen any day now.

Here he is sporting his Cleveland Cavs jersey, thanks to Uncle Eric.
Whatchoo looking at

This past weekend Dave had to lower his crib as he looked like he might launch himself out. We usually let him play in his crib during the evenings – it’s a safe place to put him and he has a great time in there. Yesterday we had left the room and we could hear him happily squealing so we knew he was OK. The squealing increased (in a happy way, not a bad way) and so we came in to check. We found him woven through the crib slats attempting to get a toy that was outside his reach. And he was having a great time doing so!



  1. Cristin’s avatar

    What a silly boy:) Only 10 more months to wear his new favorite shirt! 😉

  2. Kelly’s avatar

    OMG – I can not believe how big he has become. Absolutely adorable! He will be on the move in no time! And when he does, that crib might not hold him 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! Take Care!