10 Months Old!

Henry recently celebrated his ten month birthday!

Here’s where he is now. At his nine month checkup, he weighed 20 pounds, 13 oz and was 28″ long. His head was 17 7/8th” around. I assume he’s just gotten bigger since then. He has four teeth on the bottom and four teeth on the top, and we’re pretty sure he’s cutting more on the bottom, too.

He’s a real good eater and eats three solid food meals a day, along with a few bottles. He still nurses with me every morning, which I’m very proud of. I didn’t think that I would last this long. He does really good with solid foods and can usually eat whatever we’re having for dinner, though I try to load up his plate with vegetables and fruit. He eats the school lunch at daycare most days. He’s started a sippy cup and can drink out of it, but he spends most of his time throwing it around. Sometimes he hides his food in his high chair.

We’re pretty sure his first official word is “kitty”. He also says “da” and “ada” and “dii” but we’re not sure what those mean yet. He’s also been gurgling a lot, too, “glub glub glub.”

He takes two naps a day and sleeps from 8 PM to 6 AM, usually without incident.

He crawls fast as lightning, and pulls up on everything. He stands independently, without support, more and more frequently. He can climb a few stairs given the opportunity. He likes to give you things to hold, then take them back. He loves nesting toys and little rolling balls. He delights in peek-a-boo and giggles tremendously with “This little piggy.”  He loves bath time and has a great time playing in the water. He likes to look at himself in the mirror and stare out the window. The cats are his favorite toy, and sometimes Cayce even lets him pet him. And he really likes socks, too.

All in all, he’s just adorable and so much fun to be around. Dave and I are both so thankful that we chose to have a family. It certainly has changed the dynamic of our relationship and the way we live our life, but we think it’s worth it. He is really my little son-shine. I can’t believe he’s almost one year old!!! Mother and child

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    Happy 10 months, Henri!