Christmas Eve at the Virginia Aquarium

On Christmas Eve we went to the Virginia Aquarium. When I was in college, it was called the Virginia Marine Science Museum and I worked there every summer as part of my Bonner Scholar work requirements.

I loved being there. I love the fishes and the wildlife. And I was nearly brought to tears in a fit of sentimentality when I saw Henry gazing with wonder into the tanks. I really hope to pass on my love of science and fishes to the little guy.

Here he is getting eaten by a¬†shark. Doesn’t he look surprised?
Eaten by a shark

These egrets, along with a host of other interesting birds, were in the aviary.
Bird about to be... flight!

At the Norfolk Canyon tank, taking in the sharks.
Watching sharks with Mommy

Watching the giant sea turtles with Daddy. I think we could have sat there all day.
Father and son watch the sea turtles

Walking to the South Building.
The boardwalk at the Virginia Aquarium

In the Marsh Pavilion we found this fun stuffed otter. The real ones were all asleep in a pile, so they weren’t that much fun to look at.
Should I otter touch that, Mommy?

After a hard day of sitting in his stroller and being carried, Henry needed a breather. The kids play area was perfect!
Playing in the kids area

Our best find of the day, however, was a stuffed “turkey buzzard,” which is what his Granma Jo calls him all the time. Must get photo!

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    Oh, I love these photos. Visiting aminal places is the best! Henry enjoyed it a lot, it seems. The shark pic is TOO much:) I wanna go to the zoo like whoa, btw.

  2. Kimberly’s avatar

    What a cool thing to do on Christmas Eve! We took my husband’s mom and little sisters (6 and 4) to the Georgia Aquarium last Saturday as their Christmas present. I wish we had giant sea turtles like yours!

    I will work on getting that article scanned and sent to you. It would make a great blog post!