Henry’s First Birthday

We celebrated Henry’s first birthday on Sunday, the day before his birthday (March 2nd). It was so awesome and super fun! Thanks to everyone who made his day special.

Dave’s folks came down and my mom and Gene were there, of course. Unfortunately, my granma got sick the week before and was not able to make it. That’s okay, though, she’ll just get all that Henry-time to herself the next time we see her. We missed having the West Coast contingent of the family but hope to party down with them sometime this summer.

We had a very easy party. I served champagne, wine and beer and a few easy hor dourves that went straight from the freezer to the oven. Dave made this amazing Angel Food cake with orange flavoring, topped with orange-colored Cool Whip and mandarin oranges. Henry’s favorite!

It seemed like everyone was very relaxed and had a good time. As per usual, I felt like I didn’t get to talk to half the people who were there but that’s just how it goes.

Two of Henry’s little friends came over, Sawyer and Finn, with their parents. It was fun to have someone for Henry to share the toys and cake with. And of course, Cristin and Beanie made it, too. The surprise guest was Julia, Henry’s favorite teacher from school. She may have won “best gift” award with her Mickey Mouse airplane. It was a hit with all the kids! However, they didn’t have any lack of toys to complain about.

Henry got lots of great gifts from all his friends and relatives. I’ve pictured only a few here. Perhaps the most labor intensive gift was the sweater that Cristin knit him. She’s too crafty! It’s the perfect blend of David Bowie and Henry’s birthday! It’s from the Strangers When We Meet video (I adore this song) and it has a “1” on it in honor of his birthday. Although he may not be wearing it anytime soon (it’s a tad big), at least he will not grow right out of it.

The next day we got to open more fabulous presents from Monica, and the day after that presents from Jonah and Nolan arrived. Hooray for the weeklong birthday!

(I realize that there are way too many pictures in this post and I’m sorry. But he’s my only baby and he only turns one once. If you’re a Henry junkie, you can see all of Cristin’s photos here and my photos here.)

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    Happy First Bday Henry!

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    Happy birthday!