One Year Old

I just can’t believe that Henry is one! It’s amazing how fast time flies. He’s just gone in for his one year checkup and everything seems to be fine. He is 21 pounds, 15 ounces (37th percentile), 30 inches (63rd percentile) and his head is 18.5 inches around (69th percentile). He has dropped in weight percentile, but shot up in the length and head circumference categories. He’s going to be skinny, smart and tall. Sound like someone you know?

Henry's 12 Month Growth Chart

Henry's 12 Month Growth Chart

It’s helpful to inventory milestones and it’s been a while since I have, so here’s what he’s up to these days.

  • He is walking, though he still falls down with some frequency. However, I think running might be in his near future.
  • He sleeps from 8:30 PM until about 6:30/7:00 AM.
  • He eats breakfast around 7 AM, has a snack at 9 AM, eats lunch around 11:15 AM, has another snack around 3 PM, and then has dinner before 7 PM. He is completely weaned off the bottle and drinks from a sippy cup.
  • He eats lots of ordinary table food, though he still hasn’t tackled anything too tough or large yet. I still cut everything up into small pieces and cook it til it’s soft.
  • He might be a pirate because he loves to throw his food and cups overboard.
  • He has all four incisors on the top and bottom and one set of molars on the top and bottom.
  • He likes to read and will sit in his room pulling out books and looking through them. He also loves for you to read to him.
  • He loves to go down slides and walk back up them.
  • I think he has more of a “shy” temperament, even though he was such an “easy” baby. This one has been a bit hard for me to adjust to, but I imagine he comes by it honestly. I have to be vigilant in reminding myself that he is a very sensitive little boy and he probably won’t be impressed by my very-funny-though-sarcastic-off-the-cuff remarks.
  • He loves dogs and cats. He sometimes comes close to our cats and then just sits and watches them. And then he mauls them.
  • He’s on his fourth earache. He is, understandably, miserable when he’s sick.
  • Recently I’ve noticed him lost in thought when he has a full belly at the dinner table. What’s he thinking about?
  • He knows the sign for “more” and will use it. He also knows the sign for “eat“.
  • He goes to “school” five days a week and is really enjoying it. He is in a class with about ten kids and two teachers. He misses his old teacher Julia but he’s warming up to his new teachers. He has a great deal of fun every day playing with all the toys and the other kids in the class.
  • He had three haircuts before his first birthday, and is in need of another.
  • He loves his bathtime in the evening.
  • He hasn’t adopted a favorite stuffed animal yet, though he has plenty to choose from.
  • He can stack blocks up to build towers, as well as knock them down. He can nest boxes. He can push shapes through a shape-sorting toy. He’s a bright little boy.

OK, that’s all I can think of to add for now. He’s just the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen. I feel like someone slipped me a Mickey because I know he can’t possibly be the world’s cutest baby, can he…? But when I look at him, all bets are off. I love to see his sweet face at the end of a long day, and hold him when he’s tired. I like to watch him sleep. This whole motherhood thing is an amazing trip. It’s impossible to describe without having been through it. I just widen my eyes in surprise every day at the feelings I feel and the wonder of it all. I can’t believe a year with him has already come and gone.
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    Happy One, Henry!