Unique Me

Today I visited the ENT and discovered that the two holes on the roof of my mouth are not common. He didn’t seem worried. Indeed, he was quite nonchalant about the topic, but he did say that it wasn’t normal.
So, I think a poll is in order.

Does anyone out there have some kind of corresponding anatomy?


He seemed to think that it is a congenital “problem” that might be related to a submucous cleft palate. He also thought that there should be no “communication” between my sinuses and my mouth via these holes. But I’m here to tell you that he is wrong – it’s a pathway.

  1. Monica’s avatar

    You have a lovely palate! You should be proud. I have what I believe is Torus Palatinus on my hard palate. I have always considered it very unsightly. Do you feel like the holes in your palate actually extend upward? Interesting.

  2. Cristin’s avatar

    I just took a pic to see if I have this. I don’t. But I did see a booger up my nose and sandwich in my teeth.

  3. admin’s avatar

    I did think that they went upward, but after some careful observation, I no longer think that.

  4. david’s avatar

    thats called submucous cleft palate, is a subtype of cleft palate, if you do not have any voice problmes, then you dont need to do anything

  5. aquafortis’s avatar

    I think that’s kind of cool…you”ll always have an interesting story when the conversation gets boring! At least your palate is pretty and even, not lumped up with a torus palatinus like mine. I thought everyone had a ridge in the top of their mouth– until a dentist asked me if he could take pictures for a class he was teaching, haha!

  6. Michael’s avatar

    They are called fovea palatini, they are perfectly normal. You do not have a submucosal cleft nor a palatal torus.

  7. Camila’s avatar

    I have these too!

  8. Cristie’s avatar

    OMG, I have slits in the roof of my mouth and no one believed me. And yes they are connected to my sinuses. Glad to know I’m not the only one. Incidentally I have a son who was born with a submucous(sp?) cleft palate.

  9. zandra’s avatar

    i have the same holes too! and it really does extend to my sinuses.. i kinda have some numb feeling extending to my ear.. do you feel anything weird too? i thought it was normal until my doctor told me i have a cleft palate..

  10. Katie’s avatar

    I have two tiny holes, too! I can’t tell you how glad I am to find this page. I thought I was the only one with this freaky connection between my mouth and sinuses. My research was confusing and frustrating me and making me a little scared with I started looking this up and kept finding info that said there was no tube connecting them.
    Everyday, when I get this ‘heavy’ feeling, I suck thick mucus into my mouth to spit out. It often gets worse after sudden changes in position (sit/lay ) like when I get in bed to sleep. It was so annoying that i wanted to see how other people dealt with their problem. Imagine my surprise when the Internet told me it was impossible! YEAH! I finally have an answer!

  11. leah’s avatar

    i have this and it is connected to my nose. i have frequent sinus problems, and the only way i can clear the mucous is to suck it through these holes. i have been searching the internet for hours now trying to find an answer to what they were. this is the first thing i found.

  12. silvia’s avatar

    you are the first person ever to find like me!!! ive always felt with my toung these two holes!!! ive been looking for it in anatomy pictures. im currently studying the human anatomy and ive always thought it was normal. until now ive realized its not on anatomy drawings. therefore i googled holes on upper palet and found this picture! i cannot believe its not normal!!!

  13. Lori Taylor’s avatar

    I have this, too. I used to get little nuggets of bile that would pass through them, but now I get mucus plugs. I’ll sense there’s a blockage and I’ll create a suction in my mouth and it will plop down in my mouth. Kinda gross but I deal with it. I used to spit it out all the time but that got embarrassing so I typically swallow it now.

  14. Tracey G’s avatar

    I have them too. Also have sinus problems and the mucus plugs. Also thought everyone had them until I mentioned how sore they were when I had a bad cold. No one knew what the hell I was taking about.

  15. Natalie’s avatar

    I have these also. I get headaches a lot and my nose is very sensitive to breathe through. These little holes get very sensitive also. Never knew it wasn’t normal until now either!!

  16. Leigh Wolf’s avatar

    I have this two. I’ve actually had two incidents where I had a piece of rice make it’s way up and cause my right eye to water continuously.

  17. Gary’s avatar

    I have that as well, the 2 holes. I’m still searching for a purpose for it; if only it was an 8th sense:)

  18. Stephen’s avatar

    I have two holes in the roof of mouth so wierd can anybody explain

  19. Maritza’s avatar

    I DO have two holes on my palate, how ever they are causing me problems, discharge, pain, and when I drink water it comes from the mouth thru my nose, I have TAKE an amount of pills, if they are small they go thru my holes in the palate thru my nose !! I suffer from chronic MAIGRAINES ! And I’m at the end of my rope! Maybe I have an infection, but no one seems to tell me why ! I feel like my palate full of water ! Why? Why ??

  20. India Grayson’s avatar

    Finally! I’m not crazy! But I find they give me problems if I have anything that burns go in my nose. TMI, but throwing up sucks with them. Plus, they can make playing the sax a bit hard too.

  21. Kristina’s avatar

    I have this too, in the same spot. I can suck mucous from the holes, and into my mouth. If I vomit, sometimes it gets stuck in the hole, in which case I can blow my nose, and get it out that way. It frequently gets clogged with chunky mucous when I have sinus trouble.

  22. Eduard’s avatar

    I have that too… thank you i found this page…

  23. Eyleen’s avatar

    Same, here. I’ve had food stuck in them and it’s the worst feeling.

  24. rizan’s avatar

    I have this too and I’m too worried ,I’ve been in the dentist many times and they don’t say or notice anything from my mouth… I’m just worried that sometimes there is small piece of white stuff goes out from that hole and it’s really smelly and I tried to look at my husband mouth he don’t have a holes like me then i researched and i fined out that I’m not alone with my condition ??

  25. Krystle’s avatar

    This isn’t normal? I just thought everyone had one.?‍♀️ News to me at 30. I’m the exact same as Kristina.

  26. Krystle Aguilar’s avatar

    I’m exactly the same way, Kristina.

  27. Bob’s avatar

    I have them as well. I also have sinus issues. When my sinuses get really bad, it seems that the mucus drains through those holes as much as my nostrils. I think they are just some sort of small secondary nostrils for sinus drainage. Interesting that not everyone has them though.

  28. Walker’s avatar

    I have one in the middle

  29. Ki’s avatar

    I have the same thing also, only recently my hole has been irritating me it’s burning and mine are also connected to my nasal passage too..but I’ve mentioned it to the doctor and the dentist but they spoke nothing of it…i don’t know what to do at this point. I wonder why is mine all of a sudden burning consistently now, i also have a steady headache too!

  30. Cobear’s avatar

    Is this contagious