Here’s what’s new in my life.

  • The first clutch of bluebirds have fledged and they’ll be starting their second clutch shortly.
  • There is a mockingbird nest with three eggs in it in our front yard!
  • I got my Roomba!! I love it! I’m still working on a name for her.
  • We scored a $30 crockpot on Craigslist for $8 courtesy of Craigswatch. This is my endorsement. This is also how I scored the great deal on my Roomba.
  • Cayce has been diagnosed with diabetes. We meet with the doctor tomorrow to learn how to give him his twice-daily insulin shots and how to monitor his blood glucose. He’s also now on a special diet.
  • The pool opened recently and we plan on taking Henry up there every weekend – can’t wait!
  • I received a beautiful bouquet for mother’s day!
  • My next purchase? I’m pining for a bat house.

Mockingbird clutch

Mother's Day Bouquet


  1. Cristin’s avatar

    I’m sorry about Cayce. He’s a good boy though and will take his shots better than his brother;)