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May 17, 2009


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Today was the first day we used our new reusable grocery bags at the grocery store. Seems strange that this is the first time we’ve eschewed the traditional plastic bags, given my interest in recycling, but I really wasn’t sure how to start. I was a little nervous about the whole process. How do I tell them I have my own bags? How do they know what goes in my bag, and when to use overflow plastic bags? Will they mock me? Etcetera etcetera.

Well, it turned out fine. I was able to pack my own groceries so I packed each one (we have three) very sensibly. We came home with only two plastic bags – they had a sale on meat and chicken so I bagged those separately. And our BOGO cantaloupes came home unfettered. We’re supposed to get 50 green points per bag when we use reusable bags. In looking at my reciept, it appears they added 200 bonus green points (the cashier must have thought we had four bags) and strangely enough, a $10 “Lowes Discount”. I’m not convinced it was for the bags, but I’m not certain it was unrelated, either. I’m not expecting that again in the future, but Woot!

Now next week I’m sure I’ll be making a plea for plastic shopping bags for the kitty litter…

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  1. I’m stunned that this was your first time. 🙂 I think I’ve been using predominantly reusable bags for about a year now? It took me a while to not forget them once in a while, but now I leave them in my car so I don’t forget them. Don’t worry – if you only have 3 bags, and you will def forget them once in a while – so you will still get plenty of plastics for your other needs. I have about 6 reusables, *and* I’m good at remembering, but we still are overflowing with plastics.

    Comment by Ele — May 17, 2009 @ 7:49 pm

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