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After lovely massages on Friday afternoon and a lovely dinner at Irregardless Cafe Friday, we got up on Saturday morning for a traditional breakfast at Waffle.

Amy Ali Waffle

Jeni Ali Waffle

Sushi dinner – very yummy!!
Amy had a little gift of Neil Diamond goodies for me – I love Neil Diamond!
Amy also sweetly let me filch her music collection.
Another fabulous shot of Amy!

Here’s Amy, fixing my new fabulous Bowie shirt that arrived with a few holes in the seams.
The three of us, ready to take on the day.
Given the opportunity to climb a rock wall, I always will.
Some fab art I picked up at the Virginia Highlands art festival. Sooo cute!
Amy’s glamour shot at dinner.

Some pics from Atlanta! Friday night we spent in, drinking and talking excessively. I love my girls.

Left a horrible day at work at noon. Had lunch with the honey, then to the airport.

Just got into Atlanta and stopped at the ghetto beer store for some lukewarm beer before heading back to Amy’s office so she can finish up some last minute work.

Welcome to Hotlanta, baby!
(Ever seen the ants in the Atlanta airport? They are so rad!)

When Amy and I were at the Skate Ranch on Sunday, I got a little info about the Carolina Cruisers. They’re a group that gets together to skate. They hang out socially and I think do some social/charitable work as well.

I met King, who is the organizer, and he seemed very nice. When he was explained the group to me, he mentioned that there was “no drama” in the group. Amy and I nodded and thought, “Good, that’s a good thing, we hate drama.” I gave him my email address so I could keep in touch.

However, I received a few emails from the group today and I was a little put off by the constant references to “no drama.” Here are some examples:

From Monica, one of the Smoov Divas:
“Hello all, I had a great time! Thanks King, can’t wait for the next outing. Drama-free, fabulous fun! Monica aka THE DiaMond DiVa!”

From King:
“We are drama free. We just like to have fun and and get our skate on. Anything you want to learn, we will make every attempt to teach you. You gotta come out to the first Thursday skate jam. This Thursday! You will have a good time.”

From Willis:
“Hello, I would like to say, “welcome to a drama free skate club-Carolina Cruiser Skaters Assoc.”, from Willis Silver aka Mr.Hospitality.”

Is this some nuvo lingo that I’m not familiar with? Should I be worried that they’re so worried about drama? What’s up with this?

Weekend Fun

Saturday morning started off with a nice continental breakfast. Homemade banana-nut bread, fruit and yogurt, served with Bellini’s.

Then we went out for errands. We went to Best Buy and picked up SD cards for our cameras. I got a new camera in January! An HP Photosmart R725. It’s a 6.2MP teeny-tiny digital camera with a 2″ display. I love it! The best part about it is that it was free, with my HP PurchasEdge points.


After our arduous shopping trip, we went to the Bar for lunch. Pickle chips were a must, plus a few rounds of beers.

Then, off to redeem ourselves, we went to Umstead and hiked the one of the foot trails. We didn’t go all the way around because Dave was so tired. When we got back home he fell asleep on the couch, still jet-lagged from his trip to Asia.

Amy and I continued to work our way through the puzzle. We cooked dinner at home (tenderloin and vegetables on the gill) and enjoyed a few bottles of nice red wine.
Saturday night we watched Little Miss Sunshine with our Movies-on-Demand option from Time Warner. Great, fun movie! Laugh-out-loud funny.

Sunday was a nice big breakfast, green eggs, turkey sausage, fruit. “Green eggs?” you might ask? Dice up some avocado and whip really well with your eggs before you cook them. Add some cumin and black pepper, tasty!

Sunday afternoon was more puzzling. We were very lazy on Sunday, and Dave took a nap that lasted a few hours. We made dinner around 7 PM (Chicken picatta with angel hair pasta and roasted asparagus with thyme) and then Amy and I took off for the Skate Ranch! Sunday night at the Skate Ranch is “Adult Skate” and I’ve been wanting to give it a try. Amy was the only one I could drag out there. 🙂

Skating was fun, though a bit of a workout! It took some time to get my “sea legs” but eventually I did. Amy had a problem with her foot that left her in pain, so she wasn’t as gung-ho as I was, but I think she enjoyed herself nevertheless.
Watching these people skate was just amazing – so talented. There was all sorts of dancing and a little jumping going on. The couples’ skate was sexy, and the groups who were skating in formation were awesome, too.

You can watch this little video to get an idea:
A number of people were wearing ‘Carolina Cruisers’ shirts. I inquired and learned that they’re a group that gets together to do social things and skate, mostly. Maybe I’ll join. Then I’ll have someone to skate with, as none of my other friends here have taken the bait. It’s fascinating to me that this little microcosm of society exists. I had no idea. Amy says that it’s called “urban exploring”, seeing what your city has to offer you in terms of recreation that you never expected.

We got home around 11 PM and then off to bed with us. Monday morning we had Waffle House-style egg sandwiches and then I deposited Amy at the airport.

All in all, it was a very relaxing and fun weekend!

Dave and Amy both got home on Friday afternoon. I was so happy to see him! And it was great having Amy here, too. Friday night we went to early dinner at the Rockford. Yummy, though I think they changed the recipe for the Canellini, which is my favorite sandwich.

After coming home, Amy and I started a puzzle and stayed up til the wee hours talking, drinking, and puzzling.

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