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Kelli, Cristin, Ele, Will, Kerri and I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the Imax. It was fun, with some 3D scenes, but the person who brought their screaming baby should have their Achilles tendon cut. With a grapefruit spoon.

Harry Potter at the IMAX

Ele was super-smart and hosted a Fourth of July party on the Tuesday night before the fourth. She sent out these adorable handmade invites and her party was no let-down.

Ahh, I love hot dogs, so her hotdog bar was a perfect treat!
The whole spread was quite nice, very delectable!! Those fruit parfaits were amazing!!
Our hosts, Will and Ele! Thanks for the great party, guys!

Adorable Invite

Look at these adorable invites from Ele! They are so cute but I had no idea they were so labor intensive. Ele, we’ll be there!

Ele sweetly invited Dave and I to her birthday brunch on Sunday (Mother’s Day). We went to Humble Pie. She had cute little seating cards for all of us and was dressed in her fabulous new dress. She’s such a cute girlie-girl!

It’s been ages since I had brunch at Humble Pie, and it was tasty! We had a really nice time. We got to talk with Will’s mom and her husband, Will and Ele, Will’s little sister, and Molly and Matthew. We couldn’t really hear the rest of the table. I enjoyed talking with Molly and Matthew, they seem like a sweet couple. I learned that Molly sometimes reads my blog, so a shout out to you, Molly! 🙂

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