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Here’s my tip for the Geeks Are Sexy “How to” Contest.

This tip is for iPod Shuffle users. The problem with the Shuffle is that there is no way to control your music while you are listening to it. The Shuffle has two settings – either shuffle and straight-through. Typically, most people listen to it on shuffle setting. However, if you use a little smarts when importing your music into your Shuffle, you can use the straight-through setting to your advantage.

I have all of my music ripped to FLAC, so it’s not compatible with iTunes. That means I have to convert my music from FLAC to MP3 in order to import it into iTunes. I use this to my advantage.

When I convert the music, I make sure that the file naming convention is Artist Name first, then Song Name second. Then I import the music into iTunes and onto my iPod.

Now, when I am listening to music on my Shuffle, if I decide I want to hear more of a particular artist (say, for instance, David Bowie), I can just set the iPod to the straight-through setting. Because the files all start with the same name, I can hear all of the songs of a particular artist at one time, even though I’m listening to my “You ain’t got no control” Shuffle.

Hope you like it!

Thank you, Iceland!

This is cracking me up:

I’ve just started watching Season 3 of Doctor Who. In the first two episodes we’re introduced to Donna, who is largely annoying and so not deserving of The Doctor’s company. Why did he even ask her? Was he that lonely? Then in episode two we meet Martha, the new Companion. I guess she’ll do, though we know, and The Doctor tells her as such, that she’s no replacement for Rose.

It made me think of this fabulous review I read of Doomsday, the final episode of Season 2. It’s posted on Television Without Pity and it’s written by someone fabulolus named Jacob.

Here’s the letter I sent to Jacob:

I read several of your recap pages from this episode, Doomsday. Reading your post, I found myself crying, sobbing! It was so true. You said: “I don’t care to do the math and I don’t know how to say this without coming across just ridiculous, and I am slightly drunk, but I mean: Rose Tyler. On every single page. I know this girl, and she’s gone, forever, and tonight I really miss her. I wish today were just like every other day. My Rose. You were fantastic.”

I, perhaps, have also had too much wine, but I agree with this wholeheartedly. It’s so funny to me that I feel like I’ve lost the doctor. Duh. He’s not gone. But I guess I’m feeling how Rose feels. That’s how I’m feeling after watching Doomsday.

Jacob was kind enough to respond and act flattered!


I wish I could take the day off so I could watch 12 hours of Dead Like Me today.

This is a really fun video:
apparently based on a real product:

Very interesting, as I’m watching The Island right now and the touch desk in the movie was inspired by a Microsoft ThinkTank that the director worked with.

Eons ago in a distant past, my friend Thon made me sit down in front of his television and we watched a series of short films with his fabulous surround sound system. He had downloaded all of these films from the BMW site and we watched them off his laptop. I remember thinking they were excellent. Was that because of Clive Owen? Perhaps.

There are 8 films. Each film is a different story set in a BMW with a driver. The driver is always Clive Owen, and each film is directed by a different director. Directors include John Frankenheimer, Ang Lee, Wong Kar-Wai, Guy Ritchie, Alejandro González Iñárritu, John Woo, and Joe Carnahan.

Madonna even stars in the Guy Ritchie vignette!

Anyway, I discovered about a year ago that you could register with the BMW site and get a free copy of the films. Dave has a BMW, so I thought, perfect! Unfortunately, when I went back to the site several months ago, I discovered that “The Hire Films series is no longer available for download or purchase.”

How disappointing. Not letting myself get down about it, I scoured Ebay and Half for copies. I was disappointed to discover that the DVD was going for about $30 – more than I thought it was worth. However, I did find one fabulous person selling the disc for $13! It just arrived today – I’m so excited!!! Damn, I hope it plays!

Did I mention how sexy Clive Owen is?

This is so cool. Anyone want to go with me? Learn more here.

Let me know ASAP if you are interested. I want to get tickets very soon!!

I really must add this link.

Remember the world again, and remember him: Nine’s ears, Ten’s mouth. The
suits and the smile and Barcelona. That’s what you do.

Who is this person? I love the writing. I love how he calls him “Ten.” Kudos!

“You stupid, stupid people. I’ve seen what you’ve done. It’s finally happened.” He raises his arms to the sky and screams. “Heaven is empty, and Hell is bursting at the seams!”

Does that sound like Doctor Who or what? I mean, he points to things with his hands in his pockets – how Doctor Who can you get?
But, it’s not. It’s Steven Baxter from The Second Coming.

Here is his big-big speech, with a little editorial spirit, copied off this site (many thanks to Jacob!):

“You are becoming Gods. There’s a new master of creation, and it’s you. You’ve unraveled DNA, you’re five years away from building your own people…and at the same time, you’re cultivating bacteria strong enough to kill every living thing. D’you think you’re ready for that much power? You lot? Heh. You lot? You cheeky bastards.”
The TV goes off, and a blond hooligan kid laughs with Pete about Steve swearing on BBC at 2 in the afternoon. They switch it to ITV, which I guess is less afraid of Steven Baxter than the BBC is. That’s hilarious!
He continues: “You’re running around science like kids with guns. Creating a new world while the world you got is…” He says something gutteral I can’t get at, and begs them to put a hand up: “Hands up anyone who thinks you’ve got it right!” One hand goes up, and he laughs (“There’s always one”), and points to the guy. “I can see you,” he says, and reaches out. The way he says it is heartbreaking.
“If you want the position of God, then accept the responsibility.” Close-up on the sad face of Steve. “And I’m like you; I’ve been you. Knowing it’s all gone wrong, and doing nothing about it, keeping me head down, giving a quid to charity, signing a petition. Talking about it down at the pub. Laughing about it and doing nothing.” Pan across the disciples, at the pub. Knowing he’s right. We know he’s right. I get all in a twist about the liberal polemics, but you know he’s right.
“Even now. Right now I wanna do nothing. I wanna go home, shut the door, and pretend this isn’t happening. But I can’t. I can’t, because I was born the Son of God. And the Son of God came once before, and gave you a Testament. And you ignored it.” Actually, we jimmied around with it for 2000 years like a Frankenfood, but I know what you mean. Steve smiles out at them.
“This time there’ll be a Third Testament. A new foundation for the way you live your lives. And the Third Testament will be written by you. You’ve got five days. In five days, the Third Testament will be delivered to me, and we start again. Every country, every religion… starts again.” Chris Eccleston is a fucking awesome actor. I can’t imagine a speech more offensive, and you buy it. (But then, your definition of “offensive” gets to be a little bendy as we go on, doesn’t it?)
Steve turns away, winded, and downloads the epilogue: “And don’t argue.” Dave stares up at the screen, in the pub. “All you Christians out there, don’t go ’round saying you were right…” — Fiona stares — ” …And everybody else was wrong. Forget all that, all those divisions…” Judith and Peter staring up. “All that history, all that bollocks. Forget it, it’s gone. Forgotten. It’s starting again from scratch right now, because you’ve got to. I’ve seen it.” That’s all God ever offered — the opportunity to drop the fight. Zoom in on the TV. “You stupid, stupid people. I’ve seen what you’ve done. It’s finally happened.” He raises his arms to the sky and screams. “Heaven is empty, and Hell is bursting at the seams!”

It’s a good flick. I’d recommend it.

How interesting. I’ve just started watching The Second Coming. The character Eccleston plays is very similar to the character he plays in Doctor Who – can you say God complex? He even says the same thing “You humans! [Insert compliment, then insult here].” Interestingly enough, The Second Coming was written by Russell T. Davies, who wrote many Doctor Who episodes.

It turns out it was a made-for-TV miniseries, so I got through Part 1 last night and hope to finish the rest tonight.

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