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July 25, 2011

Vegas Trip

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I recently had to go to Las Vegas for a work trip. My best girlfriends met up with me and we got to hang out when I wasn’t working. It was so totally awesome!

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan, which is amazingly luxurious. We spent our free time at the pool and wandering the various bars in the hotel. The girls were good humans and took a nice, long walk each morning, stopping to get us affordable food from somewhere outside of the hotel. I didn’t. I laid in bed as much as possible.

I am actually happy to say I didn’t leave the hotel until my conference was over. Our flight was at 6 AM the next morning, so we planned a 4 AM departure. Going to sleep seemed silly, so we walked the strip, gambled away some money, and ate a wonderful meal at midnight. It was the best. I love you, ladies.

November 27, 2008

Destin Trip

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I had a great weekend with Amy and Ali in Destin. It was a funny trip. I flew to Atlanta, then Amy and I drove to Birmingham. The next morning the three of us drove down to Destin. On Sunday, we all drove back to Birmingham, then Amy and I drove back to Atlanta, and I flew home. Still, we had nearly two full days out in Destin.

We didn’t stay in Niceville very long.
Welcome to Niceville

There were a dozen rattlesnakes in this roadside attraction.
Roadside attraction

The bridge over the bay to Destin.
Midbay bridge

At lunch on Friday.
Amy and Jeni

Our condo at Silver Beach Towers.
Living in Safari Style

The view from our porch. You can see the pool, the hot tub and the beach.
Beachside Pool

At Cafe Rendez-Vous on Saturday.
Hanging at the bar

In Seaside.
Us in Seaside

November 21, 2007

Baby Gifts

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We’ve started getting baby gifts!

This is the first gift we got for the baby, from a co-worker. She took great pains to say the name several times – it sounds funny!!
It’s a lovely, soft blanket in bright colors from IKEA. Yay!

Barnslig Prickar

Then Cristin gave me Toby socks!!!!! What can I even say? LOVES!!!!!!!

Toby Socks

And my friend Alba sent me this adorable fleece poncho from Colombia, along with some soft fuzzy socks for me and coffee for Dave. She thought of the whole family, I’m impressed!


And last, but totally not least, is this ADORABLE sock-cat from Ali. 1) Whoever thought to make a sock-monkey in cat form was SMRT. 2) I think someone’s going to have to start giving me synonyms for “adorable” at some point in the near future.

Sock Cat

Thank you all!!!!

November 4, 2007

Painting the Nursery

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Our crew chief:
Ali Arty

With much patience on the part of Amy and Ali, we figured out an approach to decorating the nursery. Dave and I had already picked out the Magic Garden crib set from Litto Kids, so all the colors the girls and I choose are designed around it.

For the walls we went with a pale yellow with brown undertones that is kin to the yellow in the print. It looked like cake batter and we all had to remind ourselves it wasn’t so that we wouldn’t lick our fingers.

Cake Batter

I was so thankful they were here to help, and we got the first coat on the walls Saturday night!

Dave Paints

Amy Paints

Introducing the baby to the paint.
Baby meets paint

Gifts and Dangle

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We saw a guy dressed in a shiny plastic Lt. Dangle costume on our way home from breakfast on Saturday. His pants kept falling down.


Then I gave the ladies some gifties and they loved them!

Amy got some candy cuffs – you have to eat your way out. 🙂

Ali got a t-shirt with a very subtle message: “Nobody knows I’m a Esbian.” Heh, the shirt’s just folded up. She really seemed to like it, though, so hooray!

Saturday Morning Comin’ Down

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After lovely massages on Friday afternoon and a lovely dinner at Irregardless Cafe Friday, we got up on Saturday morning for a traditional breakfast at Waffle.

Amy Ali Waffle

Jeni Ali Waffle

June 10, 2007

More Atlanta Photos

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Here’s Amy, fixing my new fabulous Bowie shirt that arrived with a few holes in the seams.
The three of us, ready to take on the day.
Given the opportunity to climb a rock wall, I always will.
Some fab art I picked up at the Virginia Highlands art festival. Sooo cute!
Amy’s glamour shot at dinner.

June 8, 2007

Hotlanta: Friday Night

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Some pics from Atlanta! Friday night we spent in, drinking and talking excessively. I love my girls.

February 24, 2007

Famous Friends

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My friend Alicia published a book!! How cool is that? You can buy this book here: http://tinyurl.com/2qazfy
It’s full of pretty pictures. Dave and I spent time reading it in bed the night we got it.

February 16, 2007

Ali Cat!

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A shop wall in Chapel Hill

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